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Greetings from Joe Bell. My vinyasa flow classes are inspired by all the learnings and all of the teachers I have met along the way.

Classes are fun, dynamic, suitable for all levels and understanding of all your needs. There is chanting, pranayama, hands on adjustments and time to release and let go.

Yoga is for everyone and everybody - regardless of your age, gender and physical limitations. It is a practice without judgement or competition.

Joe Bell

About Me

I am a yoga teacher and doula. The fire was lit by my Great Uncle Jack over 30 years ago, he was dedicated, focused and strong.

I vowed to travel in his footsteps and while travelling for many years I always carried a tatty manual or two in my back pack. Sunset was my time to practice; thanking the sun for its companionship during the day, thanking my body for all it did for me and to stretch and release after carrying a heavy load.

I started teaching over a decade ago and have never looked back. Yoga has helped me to build and create a life long love affair with moving, breathing, exploring and I am in constant awe of how amazing a body can be. Each and every student that comes my way I cherish teaching and learn so much from them.

The positives and negatives in all of us are reflections of all within us. My journey of studying and practice is far from completed from which I get my inspiration. And they all get woven into the web I share, for example, through meditation, books, films and courses. But most importantly from all my many dear teachers.



12.10-1.10 - Chair Yoga - Ratley Village Hall

1.30-2.30 - Joga Flow - Ratley Village Hall

2.45-3.45 - Rest & Restore - Ratley Village Hall

4.15-5 - Kids Yoga - Ratley Village Hall

5.30-7 - Joga Flow - Ratley Village Hall


11am-12 - Aqua Aerobics - Bannatynes, Banbury

12.45-1.45 - Yoga - Bannatynes, Banbury

5.30-7 - Dynamic Flow - Hornton Methodist Church

7.30-9 - Long, Slow, & Deep - Hornton Methodist Church

Important! My classes at Hornton church don't run on the first Thursday of every month.


11-20 - Chair Yoga - Online


11-12.30 Joga Vinyasa Flow

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Classes for kids

For Kids

A fantastic way to learn yoga and its benefits through play and stories. Helping the light inside a child to shine bright.

These classes are an exceptional way to develop better attention and concentration. Teaching life long tools to build lasting acceptance of themselves and others. And most importantly to take time out from all the stresses of being a young child theses day!

No tests, no technology, lots of smiles and laughter. I currently teach in Ratley on Tuesdays, 4.15pm until 5 for kids aged 4-9. Classes stop during school breaks. Family workshop days run through school holidays.

Classes to suit teenagers

For Teens

I run secondary school programmes, to add yoga to the curriculum. Offering a safe environment for positive change. If you would like to bring yoga into your school send me an email to let me know what you have in mind.

Yoga to build mental health among young people. While many young people are well, vibrant and have a strong voice in the world today, yoga supports and helps those who do not, through simple tools that alleviate stress, relieve trauma and empower young people.

Exploring ways to communicate positively can help to ground life long tools to find compassion and empathy in all situations throughout our existence.

Yoga for pregnancy

Pregnancy Yoga

A perfect time to take time away from time.

Yoga whilst pregnant is really beneficial, specially adapting poses to promote healthy body systems during this important time in a woman’s life.

You will explore breathing techniques to help relax and release stress and to find tools to help you during labour.

I currently teach pregnancy yoga as a private class in your home. Classes do not have to just be one-on-one. You're welcome to have friends or family join you.

Going private

Private yoga

Tailoring postures, pranayama and meditation into your time.

Going private is sometimes a special opportunity to suit a class just to your individual needs, daily life or circumstances.

These classes are opportunities to work either by yourself or with a friend or partner to find what you want out of the class.

Birth preparation and Doula

Birth Preparation & Doula

As well as a yoga teacher I am a doula.

A doula is a birth companion and post-birth supporter. Giving non-medical support to women and families pre, during and post birth. If you are looking for someone to support and nurture you individually during your birth, please do get in touch.

Birth Preparation Workshops For Couples

These workshops are informative and fun ways to approach labour, giving time to release any fears surrounding the birth of your baby. These sessions help to undertake the birth of your child in a positive and open way.

Yoga for parties


I love adult parties too! Hen parties are a lovely way to share yoga with loved ones. If you are interested please do get in contact.

Yoga parties are a great way to keep the kids amused during a party. Fun games, creative activities and time for cake and treats as well!

If you would love a yoga party for your child please do get in touch for prices and availability.

Family Day

Family day sessions are fun bonding experiences for families, creating enjoyable and beneficial experiences together.

These are workshops of 2 hours with a time for a break to snack and toilet in between.

Working together to support families to bring a deeper connection and a better sense of calm and love into your home and lives.

This practice can be enjoyed with your partner, friend, baby, young child, pre-teen or grandparent.

Brownies & Rainbows

I am often asked to go along and run sessions for the health weeks at Brownies and Rainbows.

This is a fun way to introduce the elements of breathing relaxation but all after playing great games developing coordination, cooperation and concentration.

It would be fantastic to go into Cubs, Beavers and Scouts groups too! If you would like your pack or troop to have some yoga fun please do get in touch.

Please get in touch with any questions you may have about your particular needs and for prices and availability.

Joga Flow – A beautiful flow with breath and intention to find a meditative sequence touching each and every part of your body. This class is open to everybody.

Chair Flow – A fantastic class if you find getting up or down from the floor tricky. This class is structured on and around the chair and is a great way to focus on breath, opening the chest and upper back and to activate the core from deep within. Suitable for all levels and a great introduction to breath and mind awareness.

Rest and Restore – A therapeutic class based on the floor for restorative and regenerative properties. My intention for this class is that you leave as if you were floating! Perfect if you are recovering from surgery or living with illness or alternatively that you deserve some you time, away from it all to connect, release and heal. You might like to bring your favourite cushion or blanket too. Or alternatively get your very own bolster to practice at home with too.

Dynamic Flow – A power yoga class with the intention to open your body, find your inner power, challenge your balance, strengthen your core, calm your mind, stand on your hands, and release what you no longer need. Note: Not ideal for beginners.

Long, Slow & Deep – If you are an athlete this is a must to have in your fitness programme. In this class poses are held for up to 5 minutes each, to help promote healthy connective tissues, fascia and joints by restoratively stressing the body. Helps prevent injury by giving your body time to rest and recover. And if you are not an athlete? These classes will be just as medicinal and relaxing for you too.

I highly recommend Joe's yoga classes. Joe is very knowledgeable and her passion for yoga is evident in her varied and rewarding classes. Joe has inspired me to make yoga a part of my everyday life, which has greatly enhanced my sense of wellbeing.


I really enjoy Jo's aqua yoga class. Not only does she make it good fun and is a great teacher, but I can feel how much I have benefited in my core stability and general fitness, having had two operations on my right hip. Thank you Jo - we all love you! (You don't have to put that in, but it is true!)


I have been a client of Joe’s now for over a year and have found she has this wonderful ability to relax me and increase my agility. Her knowledge, and her enthusiasm, along with her genuine empathy for my condition, makes her sessions something that I really look forward to. In some sessions, having been extremely stiff and uncomfortable at the start, have resulted in me falling asleep (hope I didn’t snore!)

Paul Richardson

The reason I love yoga is because it is calming and is great body exercise. The amazing games that come with it are great, like Janga and Corners. You’ve turned a normal hall into a Yoga sensation and I love it!

Jude (age 10)

I have been having 1-to-1 yoga sessions with Joe for 2 years now. I am a competitive international wheelchair racer and I have been very pleased at how she has managed to adapt yoga to suit my situation and physical limitations. I have noticed improvments in my body symmetry, flexibility and core strength and it has made me much more aware of my body positioning, alignment and areas of weakness I need to work on. I feel this has been a great benefit to me as an athlete and these improvements have really assisted me in my sport as well as in daily life. Joe is great as a teacher and easy to work with. I would recommend her to anyone whether you are just starting out in yoga, as I was, or have been practicing it for years.

Rob Smith - T52 Wheelchair racer and British record holder

Joe is an inspiring teacher making every class different, offering different approaches to poses for different abilities, encouraging and nurturing her students to be the best they can. She offers various styles of yoga e.g. mandalas, underpins practice with clarification and the purpose of the poses. Her classes encourage a thoughtful approach but are always fun. Leaving her class I feel physically lighter and mentally lifted. I’m glad she has been around over the past two years to help me with my journey. Joe has bought balance both physically and mentally into my life by attending her class.



Joanna Bell


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